DCF (Cuben fiber) roll top dry bags

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photo 89.jpg

DCF (Cuben fiber) roll top dry bags


Roll top Dry Bag, perfect for items you need to keep waterproof and organized. 

1 Size currently available: 2.25 liters, 8”wide x 12” tall (flat dimensions)

Dimensions when bag is full: 5” round x 7.5” tall (137 cubic inches)

Intended Uses: This size will fit a power bank, and other misc. cords, a smart phone and a few personal items like an air pillow and other items you may need at the end of the day. Alternately, it would fit a puffy jacket or a few small clothing items.

Material: DCF (Cuben fiber) 1.0 oz per sq/yd fabric

Weight: 17 grams

All seams are sewn and taped, bag is effective with 3 tight rolls at the top and the buckle secured. Waterproof but not submersible in water.

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