Waymark Gear Company® is an online outdoor gear company specializing in selling customizable, hand-crafted Heavy-Duty-Ultralight backpacks and accessories tailored to Thru-hikers, Section hikers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts looking to drop pounds in your overall base weight.
Our goal is to provide you the customer with a one on one experience creating your own unique pack that fits your exact needs and personality. We may not make the lightest packs on the Ultralight market, but we refuse to compromise your comfort or safety to shave a few ounces. Instead, we aim to have the best weight-to-durability ratio with a pack that will last you 2,000+ miles.
”We stand in front of every pack we sell.”
— Mark Benson, Owner

The Idea

Going frameless allows you a lot more freedom due to the adaptability of the pack to go from a full volume down to a smaller pack, without having to carry the extra pounds of a traditional internal frame pack, which can range from 4-7 lbs. You also have an extended range of movement allowing your body to sway to your natural gait for better efficiency and less fatigue.

With the addition of trekking poles and lighter trail running shoes, you are more agile and able to cover more miles. Traditional internal frame packs are very rigid and restrict movement and are best suited for loads of 30 lbs or more, while frameless packs are best suited for 30 lbs or less.


Mark is a former Chef & graduate Summa Cum Laude of Le Cordon Bleu Las Vegas, having worked at J.W. Marriott & Bradley Ogden at Caesar's Palace, & most recently starting up & developing the Menu and Kitchen operations with Zao Asian Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah.

An avid hiker of Utah's Wasatch mountains, a mountain & road biker living in Utah with his wife & two cats, he also has two beautiful daughters Stormy and Emma. Mark began his love for the outdoors & camping while in Boy Scouts as a kid & living in Southern Utah as a teenager spending time in Zion and Moab in Utah's redrock country. 

"Educating myself on Ultralight backpacking & camping over the years, I started to find the traditional gear wasn't suiting my needs anymore. With a few side eyed glances from my wife, I took up sewing & quickly picked up on it while creating a pair of gaiters, then went for it & made my first backpack with no patterns or instructions & took it on an overnighter along with a needle, thread & duct tape fully expecting it to fall apart. The pack survived & I realized I had found my new calling."

100% Handmade in the USA

All Waymark Gear is handmade here in the United States in Salt Lake City, UT. We are a small cottage company outfitting Thru Hikers, Section Hikers, Weekend adventurers and World travelers.

We don't currently outsource any of our labor, so everything is meticulously made one by one with attention to quality and detail.

Can you buy a similar pack with a frame for the same price or less at one of the big brand outfitters? Yes, but it was made overseas for pennies on the dollar in mass production. 

At that same big brand outfitter, can you pick and choose colors, add pockets and custom options to your exact specifications? NO.