LITE 50 Liter

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LITE 50 Liter

from 225.00

Our Flagship Frameless Backpack

Choose up to 2 colors to customize pack to your style at no additional charge. The default color on all packs is black. Available Colors in VX21: Dark Green, Spanish Teal, Deep Purple, Bahama, Federal Yellow. Available Colors in VX21 Soft: Black, Coyote Brown. Available Colors in VX07: Navy Blue, Red, White. Available Colors in VX07 Soft: Silver. Available Colors in X21 RC: Slate Gray.

**Now featuring Single Over-the-top "Y" Compression straps


Weight: M/L with no hip pocket 30.6 oz, with hip pocket 32.25 (add 1-2 oz to pack weight depending on Color customization)

  • Dimensions: S/M and M/L: 34" h x 11" w x 7" d

    • L/XL: 36" h x 11" w x 7" d

      • Volume includes exterior pockets and is determined with the top rolled 3 times and buckled

Removable/Adjustable Hip-Belts come with 1 Large, Removable Hip-belt pocket. Hip-Belt Sizes:

  • S/M 28"-32" waist

  • M/L 30"-36" waist

  • L/XL 32"-38" waist

Pack Torso Sizes:

  • S/M 15"-17" torso

  • M/L 18"-20" torso

  • L/ X L 21"-23" torso

Choose between our 2 Shoulder Strap Styles

  • Standard 3" wide (Best for most men and hikers with medium or larger build)

  • Slim 2.5" wide (Best for most women, smaller and slender hikers, or men with more athletic builds and wider necks. Offers better clearance on the chest for women allowing you to wear the straps wider apart, and fits better around the neck for slimmer shoulders).

Hip-Belt size, Torso Size and Shoulder Strap Style are all chosen during Final Checkout

If you are looking to add additional colors or make any changes to your pack, visit the FULL CUSTOM PACKS section in the Products menu, or scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "FULL CUSTOM PACKS" button.

Front/Side Panel Color:
Hip-Belt Option:
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* Depicts 2018 updates that my not be reflected in the images above.

  • 1 Large, Removable Hip-belt pocket on models with Hip-belt. This is a spacious 7"wide x 6" tall x 2" deep Xpac pocket with waterproof top oriented zipper for easiest access to your snacks, compact camera, phone, map, etc. 
  • Hip-Belts come in 3 size choices and are completely removable and adjustable to lengthen or shorten the torso length. You will have the opportunity to choose your Hip-Belt size during Final Checkout.
    • S/M  28"-32" waist
    • M/L  30"-36" waist
    • L/XL 32"-38" waist
  • *Shoulder Straps are now updated from last year's removable/adjustable design and are now permanently sewn on and feature multiple attachment points on the webbing for any Waymark shoulder accessories.
  • Side Hip Belt Compression Straps allow you to pull the load closer to your waist for added weight transfer to your hips.
  • Hip Belts have unique all-in-one top and bottom front adjustment straps that conform better to your hip. Unlike the 4 strap systems available out there, this is a much simpler version that only uses 1 strap per side like a traditional hip-belt, but acts like a 4 strap system. Much easier to use and no fiddling!
  • *Single Over-the-top "Y" Compression helps to pull the load tighter and also allows you to adjust the "Y" section towards the front or back of the pack for more stability if strapping a sleeping pad or other items to the top of the pack.
  • 2 Side Horizontal Compression Straps per side made with 3/4" nylon webbing. The lower straps are cinched with ladder locks, the top use a 3/4" adjustable buckle so you can open and cinch items to the side of your pack and then tighten it down.
  • 2 Ice Axe/Trekking Pole Loops at the front bottom of the pack to accommodate trekking poles or an ice axe, along with the included lashing cords on each side to secure the poles to the upper part of the pack.
  • Elasticized Pocket Tops on side and front pockets to keep items secure.
  • Heavy-Duty Mesh Front Pocket
  • Adjustable Sternum Strap with Breathe Easy Elastic

  • Shoulder Straps and Hip Belts are Compatible with Accessories including Hip-Belt pockets and Shoulder strap pockets. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Accessories" button.

Looking to add additional colors or make any custom changes to your pack? Click the Full Custom Packs button and follow the instructions to place a Full Custom order.