Brendan Burroughs LITE™ 50L

Brendan Burroughs LITE™ 50L



Hip Belt: L/XL

Torso: L/XL

Accessories / Add-ons:

  1. Bottle holder shoulder pocket for right shoulder strap
  2. inReach/Cell Phone holder for left shoulder strap (VX07 Red)
  3. Internal Pocket for Maps, and dry things
  4. Bottom Pack Nylon Straps
  5. Removable Frame Rods


Side Pockets: Top: X21RC Slate Grey, Bottom: VX42 Olive
Pack Bottom: VX42 Olive
Front Panel: VX07 White
Back Panel: VX21 Bahama Blue
Right SidePanel: VX21 Bahama Blue
Left Side Panel: VX07 Red
Top: VX07 Black
Front Pocket: Stretchy Fine Mesh, black elastic channel
Bottom Pack Nylon Straps


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