David Stewart's Custom 30-35 Liter pack


David Stewart's Custom 30-35 Liter pack


THRU 38 L (S/M) 15"-17"

Hip Belt Style: With Removable 1" Webbing hip-belt

Shoulder Strap Style: Slim 2.5" wide

Torso Size: S/M 15"-17" torso

Hip-belt Size: *M/L 30-36"

Front Panel: VX07 Red

Back Panel: 

  • Lower: VX21 Black

  • Upper: VX07 Navy Blue

Right Side Panel: VX07 Red

Left Side Panel: VX07 Red

Front Mesh Pocket Material: Heavy Duty Mesh

Front Pocket elastic channel: Orange

Side Pocket elastic channels: Orange

Lower Front Pocket Bottom: VX21/X21 RC Yellow

Right Side Pocket: VX21/X21 RC Yellow

Left Side Pocket: VX21/X21 RC Yellow

Pack Bottom: VX21 Black

Shoulder Strap Color/Material: **VX21 Purple

Hip Belt Color/Material: 1” Webbing, removable

Custom Pack Details: 

  • No over-the-top compression strap, customer will use existing d-rings with bungee.

  • Replace top closure buckles with 1/2” webbing with 1/2” d-rings attached

  • Side pockets - 10 in. H, non-slanted top, Low profile bottoms, no drain hole in bottom. These pockets will accommodate 2 Smart Water bottles each.

  • *Front mesh pocket - 16 in. H with 8 small loops - 3 on both vertical sides--where the mesh is sewn on the bag: Top (just below the mesh opening), Middle, Bottom (2 inches above where the mesh begins), 1 loop at the middle top (an inch above the top of the mesh opening) and 1 loop at the middle bottom between the top of the logo and the lower front pocket bottom strip. All loops will have 1/2” d-ring attached.

  • On the back, add the same 8 small loops arrangement from just below where the shoulder straps are attached. All loops will have 1/2” d-ring attached. Follow the diagram/drawing.

  • Internal hydration port/bladder sleeve. Port hole located center behind neck. Bladder sleeve loops on inside are a standard 5” on center spaced apart, the bladder sleeve is removable and attached with (2) Slik Clips.

  • Add a loop (facing up) at the inside back bottom, both corners.

  • *18 in. shoulder strap length. Daisy chain arrangement with (2) 4” open sections in webbing above the sternum area, then 1 1/2” Daisy chain loops through sternum area (5 total), offset slightly to the outside edge. **At the bottom of each shoulder strap, right above where the strap adjuster is sewn in--add a 1 inch-spaced webbing.

  • Shoulder straps are fabric and webbing on top, 3D mesh on the underside.

  • No load lifters

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