Devin Ashby's Custom 36 Liter pack

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Devin Ashby's Custom 36 Liter pack


THRU 40 L (M/L) 18"-20"

Hip Belt Style: With Standard padded hip-belt

Shoulder Strap Style: Slim 2.5" wide

Torso Size: M/L 18"-20" torso

Hip-belt Size: M/L 30-36"

Front Panel: VX07 Navy Blue

Back Panel: VX07 White

Right Side Panel: VX07 White

Left Side Panel: VX07 White

Front Mesh Pocket Material: Fine Stretchy Mesh (Lycra)

Front Pocket elastic channel: Gray

Lower Front Pocket Bottom: VX07 White

Right Side Pocket: X21 RC Gray

Left Side Pocket: X21 RC Gray

Pack Bottom: X21 RC Gray

Shoulder Strap Color/Material: VX07 Navy Blue

Hip Belt Color/Material: VX07 Navy Blue

Custom Pack Details: Mark,

As discussed on the phone:
- add 2.5" to height of front lycra pocket
- Side pockets to be the standard NON low profile, like what is on my Thru.
- 36 Liter
- Add sleeve on the back panel inside the pack to allow an 1/8" closed cell foam pad to be folded in thirds and slide down inside the sleeve to function as a soft frame for the pack and a sit pad. Fold of the foam to equal the width of the back panel.
- Hip belt pocket to be the smaller pocket that we talked about on the phone.
- Add a zipper shoulder pocket and water bottle holder for shoulder strap
- Y system/load shifter (based on original 2017 design)
- Add a second small lycra pocket on the right and left side panels that is the width of the side panel above the bottom side pockets, 6” tall

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