Lisa Reischman's Custom THRU™ 38 Liter Beauty

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Lisa Reischman's Custom THRU™ 38 Liter Beauty


THRU™ 38 Liter

  • Shoulder Straps: Standard 3"
  • Torso 15-17"

Some Details to be determined

  • Front panel: purple

    -Back panel: black dyneema

    -Side panel LEFT and RIGHT: yellow?

    -Lower Front Pocket Bottom: white

    -Side pockets: standard height and heavy duty mesh

    -Side pocket elastic channel: to be determined (pop of color)

    -Pack bottom: black dyneema

    -Front Top mesh pocket in heavy duty mesh

    -Front mesh pocket elastic channel: to be determined (pop of color)

    -Shoulder straps: top half teal/bottom half standard black

    ***Hip belt compatible*** (I'll use the one I have from my LITE until I've lost more weight)

    -Side compression straps, standard cord

    -Y compression top strap

    -Bottom (double front pocket example) stretchy mesh lower front pocket with side entry

    Tall tent pole pocket on one side 21” tall by 3” wide by 6” round: Left or right (in respect to you wearing the pack)?


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