Megan Killebrew's Custom THRU 40 Liter pack


Megan Killebrew's Custom THRU 40 Liter pack


THRU 40 L (M/L) 18"-20"

Hip Belt Style: With Standard padded hip-belt

Shoulder Strap Style: Standard 3" wide

Torso Size: M/L 18"-20" torso

Hip-belt Size: M/L 30-36"

Front Panel: Dyneema X Gridstop Black

Back Panel: Dyneema X Gridstop Black

Right Side Panel: VX21 Deep Purple

Left Side Panel: VX21 Spanish Teal

Front Mesh Pocket Material: Heavy Duty Mesh

Front Pocket elastic channel: Gray

Lower Front Pocket Bottom: VX07 RS Silver! (soft) new

Right Side Pocket: VX21 Spanish Teal

Left Side Pocket: VX21 Deep Purple

Pack Bottom: Dyneema X Gridstop Black

Shoulder Strap Color/Material: VX21 Deep Purple

Hip Belt Color/Material: VX21 Spanish Teal

Custom Pack Details: 

  • 1L mesh Water bottle holder to the left shoulder strap.

    • Custom size, 2” taller to better accommodate a 1 Liter bottle

    • I know I chose alternating teal and purple for the pockets, but can I have yellow instead? It wasn’t an option in the drop down menu, but is an option with your other packs.

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