Noel Fitzpatrick's Custom THRU 40 L

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Noel Fitzpatrick's Custom THRU 40 L


THRU 40 L (M/L) 18"-20"

Hip Belt Style: Without hip-belt

Shoulder Strap Style: Standard 3" wide

Torso Size: L/XL 21"-24" torso

Hip-belt Size: Not applicable

Front Panel: VX21 Spanish Teal

Back Panel: VX07 RS Black! (soft) new

Right Side Panel: VX21 Spanish Teal

Left Side Panel: VX21 Spanish Teal

Front Mesh Pocket Material: Fine Stretchy Mesh (Lycra)

Front Pocket elastic channel: Black

Lower Front Pocket Bottom: VX21 Spanish Teal

Right Side Pocket: Dyneema X Gridstop Black

Left Side Pocket: Dyneema X Gridstop Black

Pack Bottom: X21 RC Black

Shoulder Strap Color/Material: VX07 RS Black! (soft) new

Hip Belt Color/Material: No Hip-belt

Custom Pack Details: •Adjusting the shoulder straps on the 40L to match the placement of a 42L torso as we spoke about through Instagram 

•stow away bottom pocket, rightside access (dyneema x)

•2 shoulder strap lycra pockets with shock cord draw string closure 

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