Patrick Kelly's Custom THRU 40 L

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Patrick Kelly's Custom THRU 40 L


THRU 40 L (M/L) 18"-20"

Hip Belt : Without hip-belt

Shoulder Strap Style: Standard 3" wide

Torso Size: M/L 18"-20" torso

Hip-belt Size: Not applicable

Front Panel: VX07 Black

Back Panel: VX07 Black

Right Side Panel: VX07 Black

Left Side Panel: VX07 Black

Front Mesh Pocket Material: Fine Stretchy Mesh (Lycra)

Front Pocket elastic channel: Black

Lower Front Pocket Bottom: VX07 Black

Right Side Pocket: Dyneema X Gridstop Black

Left Side Pocket: Dyneema X Gridstop Black

Pack Bottom: VX07 Black

Shoulder Strap Color/Material: VX07 Black

Hip Belt Color/Material: No Hip-belt

Custom Pack Details: Question? I love the standard Thru Vx07 black, but would like to inquire about custom options. "add-ons"
1. Lycra front mesh
2. Lycra two mesh pockets on the shoulder straps ( Pa'lante Packs style)
3. Dyneema X Gridstop bottom of the pack stow away side access Right side
4 left and right side pockets similar to Gossamer gears Mariposa pack in grid stop black
     4a A large left side quiver style pocket for a tent
     4b Two vertical side pockets on the right side one for a smart water bottle and one for a cook kit
5. Daisy chain for a sternum strap and additional add-ons (This is a standard feature)

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