Sean Spiegelman

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Sean Spiegelman


THRU 38 L (S/M) 15"-17"

Hip Belt Style: With Removable 1" Webbing hip-belt

Shoulder Strap Style: Standard 3" wide

Torso Size: S/M 15"-17" torso

Hip-belt Size: Not applicable

Front Panel: VX21 Deep Purple

Back Panel: VX21 Deep Purple

Right Side Panel: VX21 Deep Purple

Left Side Panel: VX21 Deep Purple

Front Mesh Pocket Material: Fine Stretchy Mesh (Lycra)

Front Pocket elastic channel: Blue

Lower Front Pocket Bottom: VX21 Deep Purple

Right Side Pocket: VX21 Bahama Blue

Left Side Pocket: VX21 Bahama Blue

Pack Bottom: VX21 Bahama Blue

Shoulder Strap Color/Material: VX21 Bahama Blue

Hip Belt Color/Material: No Hip-belt

Custom Pack Details: 

*2 Snap buttons, offset at 6” on center instead of Velcro for top opening/closure

*Front upper pocket shock cord with cord lock

**Ice Axe Loop: **Standard feature

**Haul loop on back panel: **Standard feature

**Sternum strap: **Standard feature

*Vertical Daisy chain loops and a horizontal 1/2” webbing loop on both shoulder straps - above the sewn in Lycra pockets

Sewn on Lycra pockets for both shoulder straps (2)

*Inner zippered pocket for wallet

*Front upper pocket material: fine stretchy mesh(Lycra)

*Front lower pocket material: also fine stretchy Lycra- right side entry

Bottom stow away pocket with a right entry, Black Dyneema X Gridstop.

Lowered side pockets, 3 point side compression is good.

Additional Accessories:

  • Purple zippered shoulder pocket: $16 additional

  • Navy blue Xpac wallet: $10 additional

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