Travis Anderson's Custom LITE™ 50 Liter, no hip-belt


Travis Anderson's Custom LITE™ 50 Liter, no hip-belt


LITE™ 50 L

Hip Belt : Without hip-belt

Shoulder Strap Style: Standard 3" wide

Torso Size: M/L 18"-20" torso

Hip-belt Size: Not applicable

Front Panel: VX07 White

Back Panel: VX21 Deep Purple

Right Side Panel: VX21 Bahama Blue

Left Side Panel: VX21 Federal Yellow

Front Mesh Pocket Material: Heavy Duty Mesh

Front Pocket elastic channel: Black

Lower Front Pocket Bottom: VX07 Black

Right Side Pocket: VX07 Black

Left Side Pocket: VX07 Black

Pack Bottom: VX21 Deep Purple

Shoulder Strap Color: VX21 Deep Purple

Hip Belt Color: No Hip-belt

Custom Pack Details: I'd like you to omit the lower side compression straps and replace the upper side compression straps with cord and line lock buckles. I'd like that cord to be easily replaceable and at least a foot longer than the side panel is wide.

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