Guide to Building your Full Custom Pack:

  1. Use our current packs (LITE™ 50L and the THRU™ with or without hip-belts) as your starting point. Torso and hip-belt sizes are chosen in the Custom Pack Form at the top of the page.

  2. Determine a Color scheme you would like that best suits your personality. Here are the panels that can be colored:

    1. Front panel (opposite of your back)

    2. Back panel (against your back)

    3. Side panels (right and left, in respect to you wearing the pack. Choose 1 color for both sides, or a different color on each side. (For example, keep in mind the left side would be in respect to you wearing the pack and reaching to the side of the pack with your left hand)

    4. Lower front pocket bottom (the strip of fabric at the bottom of the front mesh pocket. Some customers will match this to the side panel colors, but feel free to mix it up!)

    5. Side pockets

      1. The default color and style for 2018 THRU packs is now Black VX21 RS soft or Black VX07 RS soft, with a low profile accordion style pocket. This fabric is very durable and has a more cloth-like feel, making it easier to take items in and out of the pocket. If you would like a fabric other than VX21 RS soft or VX07 RS soft, choose 1 color for both sides, or a different color on each side.

      2. For the LITE 50 Liter, choose 1 color for both sides.

      3. You can also clarify if you'd like the Low profile accordion bottom, or a squared bottom.

    6. Pack bottom (This is a bathtub style bottom that wraps up to all for sides of the pack, so it is all one color. The bottom color on the sides of the pack are covered by the side pockets, however.) The most common fabric used is VX21 (210 denier nylon face with taffeta backing) or VX21 RS Soft Black. Black is used 95% of the time.

    7. Fabric choice on your front pocket. Choose from the standard Heavy-duty mesh or Lycra (4-way stretch mesh fabric).


      • Heavy-duty mesh is slightly lighter than the current Lycra 4-way stretch mesh fabric. The Heavy-duty mesh will dry wet items in the front pocket quicker than the Lycra, and makes it easy to see all of the items in the pocket.

      • The Lycra will stay a little tighter to the bag and is aesthetically pleasing, yet will still hold a lot of gear inside of it.

    8. Shoulder Straps (Choose one color for both, black is the most common).

    9. Hip Belt (Choose 1 color for the top visible fabric. The underside is black with gray 3D spacer mesh by default for LITE 50 Liters, and gray 3D spacer mesh on THRU series packs).