Brittany "Bee" Jones

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Where do you call home?

I live in Sherwood, Oregon.  It’s a suburb just outside of Portland. 


What do you currently do for a living and how did you get into this field?

I teach yoga and work in the wellness department at a natural grocery store - New Seasons Market - who happens to support the Pacific Crest Trail Association! I love herbs, natural remedies, and helping others feel happy & healthy.


You mentioned you have done trail work and clean up, tell us more about that.

I’ve helped Friends of Trees plant trees in a local park, pick up trash along the Oregon Coast with SOLVE Oregon, and clear the PCT of fallen trees near Mt. Hood with the PCTA.


What Trail are you hiking for your upcoming Thru hike? Why did you choose this trail?

I will be hiking southbound on the Pacific Crest Trail.  My boyfriend and I decided to hike this trail together after the first day we set foot on it in 2014.  Over the years we’ve section hiked hundreds of miles in Oregon and California.  We have fallen deeply in love with this trail and can’t seem to get enough so we decided to hike the entire trail in 2018.


What will be your starting base weight at the beginning of your trip (all carried weight in your pack, minus consumables like water, food and fuel)? What will your Max weight be with everything?

Depending on the snow level in Washington, my starting base weight varies.  For most of the hike my base weight will be around 9.5 lbs.  If there’s a lot of snow in Washington I’ll bring my microspikes and an ice axe, which will bring my base weight up to 10.5 lbs .  I’m expecting my max weight to be 20-25 lbs. with consumables. 


What are the Top 3 pieces of gear you can’t live without?           

1. My Waymark Gear Pack of course!

2. Zero degree Enigma sleeping quilt from Enlightened Equipment (I’m a cold sleeper)

3. Hydrapak Katadyn Be Free .5L water purifier


What Luxury items will you be carrying that aren’t critical to your survival or safety?    

My pillow, iPod, notebook & pen, and a good luck charm from a close friend.


Name 1 thing you will miss most about leaving civilization for your hike.

Hot showers!


What skill you would like to learn that would help you on the trail?

I’d like to be able to identify more plants.


What is 1 personal strength you feel will help you most on the trail? What is 1 personal weakness that will conflict with this strength?

I think my yoga practice will help prepare and maintain my physical and mental strength.  The thing that tends to test me the most (mentally) on trail are bugs that bite.  When I hiked the Timberline Trail I got bit by a black fly and the bite swelled up to the size of an avocado!


Name 1 person, a trail celebrity or other, who has inspired you most to get on the trail. Name 1 person you’d like to meet on the trail.

It’s hard for me to just name one person…there are so many inspiring hikers out there!  I really enjoyed reading Cheryl Strayed’s book “Wild”, and Carrot Quinn’s book “Thru-hiking Will Break Your Heart”.  Those books really helped me mentally prepare for the trail. I follow so many inspiring people on Instagram and Youtube who have also helped me prepare in different ways.  I’ve met a handful of trail celebrities so far but I’d love to meet them all!


Name 1 animal you have seen or would most like to see on the trail.

I’ve seen tons of little critters, I think my favorite one so far is a pika.  I hope to stumble upon a fox someday!


What can we learn from hiking in the wilderness? What lessons can we take from the wilderness, and how can we apply them to Urban life?

Live life more simply and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.  I think being in the wilderness gives you more patience and helps quiet the mind, at least for me it does.  It also restores my faith in humanity.  People seem to treat each other much nicer on the trail compared to urban life. Trail angels are what really restored my faith in humanity, they can really make a difference in a hiker’s day by offering food, water, a ride to town, etc.


Are you looking more for solitude or for a social experience on the trail?

I would say both.  Mostly looking for solitude with my boyfriend, we’re always working so much and don’t get to spend much time together.  We’re also looking forward to all the other hikers we will meet along the way. A perk of heading southbound is that we will meet all the northbound hikers and hear their stories.


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